Sorry, cord cutters: cable TV apps are soaring in popularity

You may not recognize TV Everywhere by its industry-wide branding, but if you’ve ever used apps like HBO GO, WatchESPN, Watch ABC, or FX Now, you’re supporting the cause. Cable provider offerings like Comcast’s XFINITY TV, Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV, and Cablevisión’s Optimum app are also part of TV Everywhere. These often let subscribers access a broad range of channels, though selection can vary depending on which company you’re with and your individual cable package. […] These are the apps that cord cutters have long embraced, and the ones that pressured cable companies and rights holders to develop TV Everywhere in the first place. But it looks as if the plan is working, giving providers little incentive to change their current operating model or explore new ways of delivering TV over the web. – Chris Welch, The Verge