Cord-cutting intentions remain stable in US

Regarding the continuing absence of a legitimate OTT TV competitor, [Michael Greeson,TDG] points to several recent examples. “Intel’s OnCue solution was essentially pawned off to Verizon, which is rumored to have lost interest in launching its own OTT TV service (Source: Reuters). Google fell flat with its initial OTT TV offering. Sony has verbally capitulated, and other outsiders like Apple have yet to make a serious move. This, in turn, has given incumbents the opportunity to ramp up on-demand and ‘TV Everywhere’ offerings. A few incumbents such as DirecTV and DISH have publicly expressed an interest in launching their own OTT TV services. Funny that the new boss is looking more like the old boss as incumbents emerge as major movers in the OTT video space. – Broadband TV News