Close to half of all U.S. households subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus

Forty-seven percent of all U.S. households subscribe to Netflix, Hulu plus, Amazon prime or a combination of these services, and 49 percent of all households have at least one TV connected to the internet, according to a new study from the Leichtman Research Group about emerging video services. Four years ago, only 24 percent of all households had an internet-connected TV. […]Echoed by a recent Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) study about the market for U.S. television services. 45 percent of all U.S. TV households watch internet content on their TVs, according to that study. The use of internet TV programming steeply increased from 28 percent in 2013. – Janko Roettgers, Gigaom

One comment

  • We have been cord cutters for the last 3 years. We started with Netflix only and then added Amazon Prime before also adding Hulu plus. We paid less than $30 a month for our entertainment services which completely beat out the $100 a month we were paying for Direct TV and Cable (which we found we spent more time searching for something random to have on in the background). We love it.

    Now it has become even more of a cost saver. We use Bing rewards to pay off Hulu plus and part (if not half of Amazon prime’s cost). We started this in February and we have paid off Hulu Plus until next February. We have also put $35 onto our Amazon account to help pay for Prime. You can do 30 searches every day on your computer for 15 points and you can do 20 searches on your smart phone for 10 points a day. So you can get 25 points a day in less than 10 minutes total. You then use those points to buy a month of Hulu Plus (420 points) or an Amazon $5 giftcard (475 points). In one month, you can get 750 points which is enough for either. In 2 months you have enough for 3 of either. You keep going and things get paid off quickly.

    For anyone who is cutting the cord or just a video streamer, this is a great set up to help reduce your monthly costs. Check it out.