Tablo TV: A cord-cutter’s best friend

Nuvyyo offers the TabloTV in two versions: the base, $250 model sports two ATSC tuners, two USB ports and even a dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi antenna. When it launches later this summer, the $320 version will get a total of four tuners, which allows to record and stream up to four live or recorded programs simultaneously. Tablo TVs come with either a 30-day or six-month subscription to Nuvyyo’s enhanced EPG, featuring 14 days of guide data, synopses and various recording options. After that, users have to pay an extra $5 per month, $50 per year or opt for a lifetime subscription at $150. You also need to subscribe if you wish to watch TV or your recordings remotely. – Alain McKenna, QMI Agency via Toronto Sun