ROCKI: Wi-Fi Music Streaming, Anywhere You Want

[ROCKI] plugs into the AUX of any system and is ready to go. An Android app (iOS is on the way) connects your phone/tablet to the ROCKI and controls the music. Multiple ROCKI devices can be controlled with one phone/tablet and one ROCKI can be controlled with multiple phones and tablets. That makes it extra handy for parties and listening to music in different rooms. In addition to your mobile’s playlist, online music services like Spotify, SoundCloud and are supported. Also works with PC and Mac and the Rocki doesn’t care which file format you throw at it. MP3s play with no problem, as well as the audiophile-favorite format, FLAC. The ROCKI lasts about four hours per charge and comes in seven different colors at $49 a pop. – Larry “The Blackspot” Hester, OZY