Dragon Quest X Uses Streaming Tech to Come to 3DS in Japan

While Dragon Quest fans continue to await news regarding an international release of the latest game in the series, Dragon Quest X, Square Enix has announced that the MMO is coming to a new platform in Japan later this year. […] Similar to the Android version that’s already available, you’ll have to be connected to the Internet with your system in order to play. As the vast majority of the game already requires an online connection, this is not as much of an impediment as it might seem at first blush. One of the upsides to this system is the fact that players will be able to play alongside those playing on other platforms, including Wii, Wii U, and PC. This also means 3DS owners should expect a relatively comparable experience (screen size aside), although the game’s use of the touchscreen is, shall we say, underwhelming. – Chris Pereira, GameSpot http://ift.tt/1oh0pHj