New SARFT Regulations Worry The Internet TV Industry

Despite the Chinese government’s efforts to keep the Internet under control in recent years, the level of influence that it can exert over TV is much stronger. Comparing with the information people can access on the Internet, TV content is often much more tamed and boring – or to give it a slightly positive spin, sanitory. Yet with the rise of Internet TV, the dichotomy of TV and the Internet is no longer there and the once clearly drawn line is becoming increasingly blurred. The [State Administration of Radio Film and Television], with its sense of entitlement as the TV police, may feel intruded and even threatened. But no matter how hard it wants to restore the old order, if that is what it tries to accomplish with its regulatory measures, it should expect nothing more than causing some temporary nuisance, and have no illusions that it can bring the televisions back to what they were a decade ago. – Eric Mu, Forbes