What Is KeepMyTV? The FUD-y Truth According to NAB

The 60 million Americans who rely on free to broadcast television must pull together to stop satellite and cable TV’s illegal and immoral assault! They’re coming for our content, people, and KeepMyTV.org is hear to help! […] KeepMyTV.org is an arm of the National Association of Broadcasters, an industry grouping of the people who broadcast free to air TV. […] Is free to air TV under threat? Does KeepMyTV love us? Meh. An industry association of giant and ginormous corporations, aka NAB, is astroturfing up some grass roots support. Regardless, my family doesn’t have and couldn’t afford cable or satellite TV — we love free TV. That said, with some hesitation, I rewrote and then signed KeepMyTV’s letter to my US Senators. – FairerPlatform  http://ift.tt/1trGkmc

One comment

  • What’s free about it? it’s BS commercials all day long over-and-over. Mostly selling BS pills, Scams, Ambulance chasers, Medicare scams, vaginal slings, catheters, prostrates, BS cancer scams. All the while Channel( ) is on your side. It’s crap. I’d rather pay than put up with this crap. What ever happened to legitimate broadcast?