PlayStation Unleashes Its Game Streaming Service on North America | Game|Life

PlayStation Now enters open beta today, allowing all PlayStation 4 owners in selected areas to try the gaming on demand service. Pull up the menu, choose from 100 different PlayStation 3 games like The Last of Us and Ultra Street Fighter IV, and you’ll begin playing them instantly, no download required; the games are running on Gaikai’s servers miles away from your console. […] But for now, PlayStation Now isn’t Netflix. It’s more like pay-per-view. There’s no subscription service where you pay a flat monthly fee and access a library of all-you-can-stream titles. […] For now, it’s à la carte pricing: You choose a game, then pay anywhere from $2 to $20 to “rent” it for a few hours or a few weeks. When PlayStation Now’s closed beta version introduced these prices in June, the word of the day was “insane.” – Chris Kohler, WIRED