Get through to Comcast’s semi-secret customer service line with one of these special cards

Once called “Make It Right” cards and recently rebranded as “We’re On It” cards, the cards are printed with a unique ID number and a “no wait” hotline that connects to a dedicated team of 250 customer service agents. Employees receive 12 cards a year, which they can hand out at their discretion. […] Comcast, like most of the cable industry, has historically struggled with a reputation for lousy customer service. This year, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index ranked Comcast’s internet service division second-to-last out of more than 230 companies across industries. Its television service didn’t fare much better, and its phone service started to approach an average score. The only company that did worse than Comcast? Time Warner Cable, which Comcast is in talks to acquire. – Adrianne Jeffries,The Verge