Dish Network’s Internet clients may get cable

The concept is sometimes called “virtual cable” or “over the top TV,” combining elements of traditional cable with the convenience of Netflix and Hulu. It has been bandied about for years, primarily by technology companies that are interested in disrupting the television status quo. But so far none of those companies’ concepts have come to fruition. […] In spite of countless predictions, cable and satellite cord-cutting has not happened in a meaningful way in the U.S. But subscriber growth has leveled off in recent years, meaning that the distributors are having a hard time signing up new customers. A personal, portable streaming version of cable might help change that.
While Dish has revealed little about its plans, prior news reports have indicated that the company might charge about $30 per month for the streaming service, a lower price point than most current TV bundles. – Brian Stelter,CNNMoney