Comcast conveniently forgets “no fees” promise until confronted by recording

According to the write-up by The Consumerist, Davis had moved to a new apartment and transferred his Comcast service to his new residence, opting to perform a self-install rather than have Comcast send out a technician. After a few weeks without problems, his Internet connection started dropping out, and a technician was dispatched. Comcast determined that the problems had to do with outside wiring rather than anything under Davis’ control, and thus the company told him that the truck roll and service were gratis. […] Comcast charged Davis for a “failed self install,” as well as a “failed video SIK” (that’s “self-install kit”) and a wireless network setup. The company was gracious enough to apply a service discount for the wireless setup—which was fortunate, because the technician who visited Davis had performed no such activity. – Lee Hutchinson,Ars Technica