As it cracks down on copyrighted songs, Twitch embraces live-streaming musicians

Twitch is reportedly in the process of being acquired by YouTube, which has worked out licensing deals with the vast majority of record labels. Twitch has already tried to impose limits on how much video users can archive on its platform, and it’s likely that if the two companies merge, Twitch will handle the live streaming and YouTube will serve as the on-demand archive.In the meantime, there may be something more interesting happening at the intersection of music and video games. Twitch, which spun off Justin.TV, has long placed its sole focus on serving the gaming community. But in a recent survey of its users, Twitch learned that more than 80 percent were interested in seeing live music as well. The recent performance by Steve Aoki drew more than 250,000 unique viewers who exchanged over 182,000 messages during the concert. – Ben Popper,The Verge