Cutting the cord: Yahoo Screen’s year-long music festival

Yahoo Screen hub recently added a Live Nation Channel that plans to stream a live concert every day for the next year. […] Fans get a chance — for free, in return for watching an occasional ad — to see favorite and new artists and performers expand their reach. The Dave Matthews Band kicked off the concert series on July 15. Other recent concerts have featured KISS, Gavin DeGraw, and Echo and the Bunnymen. This weekend, rock band Pepper appears late Friday night, followed by the Goo Goo Dolls Saturday night, then Taylor Swift (Aug. 18), Yes (Aug. 19), John Legend (Aug. 20), Guided By Voices (Aug. 23) and Justin Timberlake (Aug. 24). […] Other names — big and small — are due to appear on the Live Nation Channel. All this is viewable on your computer, Android and iOS mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku and Xbox 360. – Mike Snider,USA TODAY