The slippery slope of FCC internet regulation

Carriers began deploying 4G/LTE service in 2010. Now, imagine your mobile Internet experience frozen in time at that point with no subsequent innovation. Imagine if new mobile app developers had to hire regulatory attorneys to navigate hundreds, if not thousands, of pages in the Code of Federal Regulations. That is what’s at stake. More intrusive regulation toward any sector within the internet ecosystem should concern us all. Instead of freezing today’s broadband networks and apps, the [Federal Communications Commission] should focus on setting the stage for continued dynamic growth, investment, and innovation. I hope the entire mobile ecosystem comes together to ensure federal rules do not treat any part of the mobile economy as a monopoly-era utility and that any new regulations reflect the unique challenge of serving Americans through mobile networks with finite spectrum. – Meredith Attwell Baker,CTIA – The Wireless Association via Gigaom