Adam Carolla settles with podcasting patent troll, agrees to ‘quiet period’

After more than a year of litigation, podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla has reached a cease-fire with the well-known “patent troll” claiming to hold a patent that covers podcasting. Carolla was sued for patent infringement in January 2013. He responded by fighting back, raising almost $500,000 in a crowd-funded campaign. […] Personal Audio LLC, the patent company, also sued TV networks CBS, NBC, and Fox over some of their Internet video-on-demand offerings, since it believes its patent covers some types of Internet “episodic content.” […] Carolla and Personal Audio filed joint motion to dismiss on Friday, and it was approved by the judge today. The settlement terms aren’t being revealed—yet. Both sides have agreed to a “quiet period” that will last through September 30. – Joe Mullin,Ars Technica