Russian Streaming Music Service Zvooq Closes $20 Million Series A

One of the critical problems for music in Russia is online piracy. Indeed, last week, a group of record labels including Sony Music Entertainment (Russia), Universal Music (Russia) and Warner Music UK went to court to push the social networking site Vkontakte to enforce the privacy laws already on Russia’s books. […] Russia’s national market tracker for digital music, IFPI, noted that the average spend per day in the country is roughly 50 cents per capita, compared with $8.40 for the rest of Europe. Enter Zvooq. The company’s name means “sound” in Russian, and its mission is to end the tyrannical sound of silent cash registers for Russian musicians with a tiered pricing structure making it easier for Russians to pay (at least a little) for the music they want to hear. Unlike Spotify, or similar streaming services in the West, which have a one-size-fits-all approach to streaming music, Zvooq, and others like it, believe in a pay as you go model for music consumers. – Jonathan Shieber,TechCrunch