Media Release: TV viewing via web set to eclipse the box

The report from the [Consumer Electronics Association], “The Market for U.S. Household Television Services”, states that the percentage of U.S. households relying exclusively on an antenna for television programming reception is about to be eclipsed for the first time by the percentage of households relying exclusively on the internet for TV content. The report, also revealed that nearly half (46%) of TV-user households reported that they watched video on either a portable computer or Smartphone in the last year , significantly up from the previous year which was 38%. While more than a third (34%) are watching on either a tablet or desktop computer, up from 30% the previous year. […] The study also shows that the percentage of U.S. TV households consuming at least some TV programming via the Internet has nearly doubled. Almost half of U.S. TV households received at least some television programming from the Internet in the last year, up from 28% a year ago. – CMO Australia