Here’s a $600 Million Plan to Sell HBO on the Web

Maybe, one day, says HBO and its parent company, Time Warner Cable. But probably not anytime soon: The pay channel makes oodles of money the way things are now, when it is tied directly to pay TV providers like Comcast.[…] If HBO tried […] it could generate up to $600 million in new earnings, [Kannan Venkateshwar,Barclays]  estimates. Given that HBO generated $1.7 billion in operating earnings last year, that’s real money, and Wall Street might give Time Warner $5 a share or more for that kind of upside. […] But now, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has to convince Wall Street that he has a plan to make his company more valuable than the offer he wouldn’t take from Rupert Murdoch. So maybe the future will show up faster than we thought. – Peter Kafka,Re/code  
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