MLB On Cusp Of Ending Blackouts On Streaming Games Online And On Mobile Devices

Major League Baseballl is close to relaxing blackout restrictions for games streamed to computers and mobile devices. Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advanced Media reiterated in an interview with The Associated Press that the gap continues to close in which those currently affected by blackouts of games in the local television market would be able to watch the streamed games. […] For those watching online, that option is rarely available. Individual deals for team offerings in-market over the years which include the Yankees, Padres and now Blue Jays, follow an industry trend in which a user has to prove that they have access to the games locally via cable or satellite television provider. MLB Advanced Media and FOX applied the model this year for the first time to allow fans to see the MLB All-Star Game and will do so again when the World Series is played. […] The report that cites Bowman indicated that it’s not yet known whether streaming would be through MLB.TV or through the channel that has television rights. Bowman said those details are part of the “6 inches” still to be narrowed in talks.- Maury Brown,Forbes
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