Microsoft May Take On Chromecast With Its Own Dongle Device

After some technical sleuthing, Windows Phone Daily and Nokiapoweruser caught FCC filings of a new device called HD-10. However, once they dredged up the WiFi Alliance listing below, knowing that “HD-10” had Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB support, the “Miracast Dongle” started to come together. However, calling Miracast a direct Chromecast competitor isn’t necessarily true. As Gigaom mentions, the two devices work a bit differently with Chromecast pulling streaming data from the cloud while Miracast, as its name suggest, just mirrors the display. Windows Phone 8.1 added Miracast streaming to Lumia handsets like the 930 and the 1520 via its Cyan firmware update. – Darren Orf,Gizmodo