Could the Department of Justice Kill Streaming Music?

Modern broadband technologies coupled with streaming services make wide repertoires of music available on demand virtually anywhere, anytime. But if the The United States Department of Justice gives publishing corporations their way, that could all change. […] Some streaming services are already paying over 70 percent of all revenue to copyright holders. As a result, despite increasing subscriptions, companies like Pandora are struggling to find a sustainable model that balances their high overhead with what consumers are willing to pay for their service. […] Despite the billions of dollars in royalties that the publishers collect, they have unabashedly made “fairness” and “fair pay” the centerpiece of their campaign for a monopoly. They have even trotted out songwriters–from whom they take a 50 percent cut–as the story’s victims in political ads running in congressional districts. For decades, the music industry has turned to government to shield their outdated business model from the pressure of a changing marketplace and new technology. If the DOJ grants their newest request, they will have the power to not only kill streaming music but veto new technologies. – Edward Woodson,The Edward Woodson Show, via TheBlaze
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