Songza Has Some Crazy Playlist Titles. Here’s How The Streaming Service Comes Up With Them

[I]f you’ve ever used [Songza], which has carved out a niche for context-specific playlists that users can click to soundtrack a particular mood or activity, it’s hard not to notice its irreverent, sometimes even edgy, playlist names. […] [Peter Asbill]: “We have a big team of music experts that we work with. These are people who know a ton about music, but they are usually specialists in a particular area. It could be an era, it could be a style, it could be a genre. And we really lean on these folks to make amazing long-form listening experiences. We work with probably near 100 music experts to make these playlists. […] [Elias Roman]: “We’ll also get requests from our users. One of my favorite was a guy who wrote in a couple years ago and said: ‘Hey, my wife is going to give birth soon and we want a birthing playlist.’ – Seth Porges,Forbes
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