For millions of cord cutters, cable TV fades to black

“I feel like cable is the one company that punishes loyalty,” said Holt, 33, of Pleasant Ridge. “With every cable company, my bill continues to go up the longer I am a customer. Anywhere else, be it Kroger or at hotels or with airlines, I’m rewarded the longer I stay a customer.” […] Michael Greeson, co-founder and director of research for the Diffusion Group, has been tracking cord-cutting trends since 2007. For the past several years, his surveys have consistently shown that about 15 percent of adult broadband users who subscribe to a pay-TV service are considering ditching it within the next six months. […] Still, a prediction Greeson made in 2012 is on track to prove true: The number of U.S. broadband subscribers is poised to exceed the number of pay-TV subscribers by mid-2015. Meanwhile, the number of Netflix subscribers is growing, having passed the 50 million mark last month. – Amber Hunt, The Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY¬†¬†
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