As Online Video Surges, the .TV Domain Rides the Wave

You’ve heard of the dot-com boom. Is the dot-tv boom next? […] The sudden prominence of .tv is the latest twist in one of the Internet’s more unusual tales. In the 1990s, the suffix .tv was assigned to Tuvalu (Britain received .uk; France, .fr; and so on). At the height of the Internet gold rush, in 1999, a start-up named DotTV paid Tuvalu $50 million over 12 years for the right to sell .tv to other companies. The .tv suffix represented two of the most recognizable letters in the world, and DotTV’s founders believed .tv could be bigger than .com because TV viewing would soon migrate to the web. […] And as different suffixes become more common, there is less stigma attached. “I was once shocked when I saw someone using an alternative ending, I thought they were dooming themselves,” said Josh Bourne, a managing partner at FairWinds Partners, a consultant on domain names. “But I’ve changed my opinion,” he said, rattling off prominent examples like (fm for Micronesia) and (ly for Libya). In April 2013, LinkedIn paid $90 million for, a news aggregator. – Noam Cohen,The New York Times
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