Google doesn’t need Twitch for game streaming

Most big Twitch streamers already have a YouTube presence. That’s because Twitch has never been very good at archival. Twitch is where you go to catch a live broadcast, but if you want to watch it later, YouTube has always been better. Twitch doesn’t have any good way of managing historic broadcasts, creating playlists, or cross-linking and promoting videos. YouTube has these in abundance. […] Twitch will, for the time being, be the best place to go for live streams. But for a persistent online video presence, Twitch is making sure that YouTube continues to have the edge. This has significant implications if Google wants in on the streaming market. Google doesn’t have to make a name for itself, and it doesn’t need to make gamers and game watchers start tuning in to YouTube: they already are. – Peter Bright, Ars Technica  
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