OTT devices could steal the show

This cord-cutting trend already has begun in the United States, where people are terminating cable TV service that can cost in excess of $100 a month and switching to OTT services. From 2011 to 2013, paid content subscribers decreased by 7.6 million users in America. […] Experts, however, predict that cord-cutting won’t be so prominent in Korea. Compared to the United States, satellite and cable program service fees are much less in Korea, and OTT services have had limited success attracting people aged 40 and older who prefer terrestrial television channels. There also are pending issues over copyrights. Terrestrial television networks claim services such as Tving and Hoppin signed contracts to provide channels on smartphones, which makes it a breach of contract to air the channels on TV. – Son Hae-Yong,Korea JoongAng Daily
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