We Cut Our Cable, and Survived

Apparently, customers complain about ever-higher prices, and bundles that give them channels they don’t want — or, in my case, actively hate. And I think the digital age has changed people’s expectations. They insist on music on demand, news for free (gulp), and the movies they want when they want them. So when a cable giant company tells them they must buy 150 channels to get the one they really want, pay a start-up fee, rent a converter, and pay extra for high-definition — then the answer often becomes: I don’t think so. […] The cable companies say they are not monopolies, but only a monopoly would be able to get away with the constant price increases of recent years, and teaser offerings that take a forensic accountant to assess. The FCC issued a report that said basic cable prices rose 6.1 percent in 2012, roughly four times the rate of the Consumer price index. – Dan Mackie,Valley News
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