The next Apple TV: What to expect from an updated streaming box

It’s easy to say that the next Apple TV needs more apps, but we’ll say it anyway. Roku still trounces Apple in total number of apps available, and the openness of Chromecast means it’s particularly easy to develop for, with new Android apps adding Chromecast capability all the time. […] many Apple TV apps already offer live TV streaming, and apps from the cable providers could amp those offerings up even further. And while we’re at it, is native Amazon Instant and Pandora too much to ask? To that end, the new Apple TV could go the iPhone route and offer a full-blown app store, with not only numerous games but also dedicated apps designed for the big screen, giving more developers access to the growing living room platform rather than the more conservative approach of the current Apple TV. – David Katzmaier,CNET
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