Victim-Blaming Is a Lot Harder in the Age of Streaming Video

Empathy is not a word you’d necessarily associate with the age of streaming video. Anyone who has been on YouTube, let alone ventured into its untamed-jungle comments section, knows that streaming video has a tendency to bring out the worst in human beings. But over the last few months, we’ve also seen an unexpected, welcome side effect to the constant recording and posting of everything and everyone: increased empathy for victims of assaults who, in ages past, would have likely been at least partially blamed for what happened to them. […] Obviously no one should ignore the cyberbullying and other forms of hate the streaming-video revolution has helped facilitate. But this summer has revealed some positive benefits as well, because these videos force us to come face-to-face with incidents we might otherwise misunderstand, especially when powerful forces want us to misunderstand them. – Jesse Singal,Science of Us 
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