Netflix: Growth In Digital Streaming Will Mean More Subscribers

The recent Cross Platform Report by Nielsen highlights the rapid transition of Americans, from TV channels to digital videos. The trend toward online streaming from traditional cable TV continues to drive growth for online streaming service giant Netflix, while it serves as a threat for cable TV networks such as Dish Network, DirecTV, and Time Warner Cable. Digital streaming is not only driving overall media consumption among youngsters, but in older individuals as well. […] digital content consumption has increased 53% in 2QFY14 over the year-ago period among viewers between ages 18-34. It has increased 80% among 35- to 49-year-olds during the same time period. […] The Nielsen report indicates that traditional live TV viewing has declined in all age groups by around 1-2%. This fall in live TV viewing will surely worry cable networks. All major cable networks including DirecTV and Time Warner Cable have experienced sliding numbers in TV channel viewers over the years. – Bob Cramer,Bidness Etc
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