Quickflix lashes out at Netflix

Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford has lashed out US streaming giant Netflix, arguing that it is knowingly condoning VPN use and is enjoying a “free ride” in the country through avoiding local content licensing fees. […] “Stop turning a blind eye to VPN services acting as a gateway to your service. Be honest and face-up to the issue of unauthorised access to your US service.” […] Last year Business Spectator revealed that Australia is second to Canada in the use of VPNs to access Netflix. Aside from anecdotal evidence from VPN providers, it has been difficult to pinpoint the prevalence of the trend. […] The main point in Mr Langsford’s letter revolves around the way in which digital content is licensed and distributed around the globe. Under the current regime, broadcasters are required to pay a fee to the content creator for every region in which they broadcast their content. As Netflix has not launched in Australia, it is currently not paying content licencing fees within the region. Quickflix, however, is. – Harrison Polites,The Australian
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