Verizon, enemy of Open Internet rules, says it loves the “open Internet”

Verizon is the company that sued to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order from 2010. Verizon won a federal appeals court ruling this year, overturning anti-discrimination and anti-blocking rules and setting off a months-long scramble by the FCC to get enforceable rules into place. […] Verizon wants to prevent net neutrality rules from affecting wireless networks. Of course, the FCC exempted wireless from the 2010 order’s strictest provisions and tentatively proposed to do the same for the new, weaker restrictions necessitated by Verizon’s lawsuit. […] Although the FCC tentatively concluded that it would continue treating wired and wireless differently, commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has signaled that he’s open to changing his mind. In a speech to the wireless industry this month, Wheeler said, “there have been significant changes in the mobile marketplace since 2010,” and that’s why the FCC “sought comment about whether these changes should lead us to revise our treatment of mobile broadband services.” – Jon Brodkin,Ars Technica
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