AT&T’s $40 Internet, HBO and Amazon Prime Plan Is One Hell of a Deal

In the quest to entice us into their cord-tethered grasps, cable companies will come up with anything to win us over. But AT&T might have struck upon the first truly innovative deal: Broadband, plus HBO, and a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime. For only $39 per month. […] Yes, there’s some fine print: The deal only lasts a year, at which point you’ll start paying regular prices (which suffice it to say are a lot more) and switching providers can be a bitch (as we know). There’s also a one-time $99 installation fee. Still this is likely less than you pay for just internet to be delivered to your home, and the 18MBps speed is not bad. And then you get Amazon Prime, plus your newly instated HBO Go powers (Amazon Prime costs $99 a year a la carte, and you can’t get HBO by itself anywhere). – Alissa Walker,Gizmodo
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