You Say You Want To Get Rid Of Cable, But You Won’t

But for all the talk of us becoming a nation of cord cutters, it isn’t going to happen. That’s according to new data from Denver-based ClearVoice Research. They found that while one out of every eight people say they intend to cancel their cable subscription in the near future, cord cutters make up only about 2% of the general population. In the next two years that number is expected to inch up to 5%. […] Although people grouse about the price, it isn’t really the main problem. Malone found that people care more about access to content than price. So in an a la carte world where you can pick and chose the stations and services you want to watch, consumers may ultimately find themselves paying the same amount as they do now. But because it will only be for content they want, they will be much happier. – Dorothy Pomerantz,Forbes
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