Youtube Vs the Internet: The music streaming wars

Technology has facilitated piracy on an epic scale, plundering the industry’s coffers with a tenacity that left it shell-shocked for years. The fight back, when it eventually came, concentrated on using the law to get back what had been lost. While that continues — with more fervour in Ireland that perhaps anywhere else in the world — more recently, the industry has become focused on embracing, or trying to embrace the technology. And it would have worked, if it hadn’t been for YouTube. […] Streaming is the latest way to listen to content. You don’t download the music, you don’t own anything, you just click and listen, streaming the track directly from the internet. You can create playlists, swap them with other listeners, or just listen to albums in the conventional way. There are free services, which intersperse the music with ads, and premium ones which are ad-free and allow you to download music to listen to when you’re out of coverage. – Irish Examiner 
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