Video-streaming company launches in Frederick is similar to other streaming sites in functionality. Members can sign up for a subscription, and that will give members unlimited access to all of the titles. They can be watched on any mobile device, laptop, computer or tablet. We deliver the titles with the same technical ability as some of the leading video-streaming sites and they are available 24/7.”’s goal is to differ in the content it provides to its members, with an emphasis on family-friendly titles. “The content that we provide is vastly different in that the titles are not R-rated, they are free of profanity, they are free of excessive violence or illicit sex and new-age spirituality,” [Corrie Cosner, Chief operating & Content licensing officer] said. “All the titles are trustworthy. They are family-friendly content. There may be some titles, such as war documentaries, that we would add a parental-guidance warning to, as it may be a subject that a young child may not understand.” […] has more than 200 children’s titles, many of them animated. There are also many faith-based documentaries. The site also holds more than 250 educational titles. – Raychel Harvey-Jones,The Herald-Mail¬†¬†
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