Nielsen: Music Streaming Mainstream

Music streaming, personal music libraries and smartphones account for major shares of consumers’ daily music listening, a Nielsen survey confirms. A total of 59 percent of music listeners use a combination of over-the-air AM/FM or online radio streams to play music, followed by individual music libraries (48 percent); on-demand streaming music services such as Spotify, YouTube or Vevo (41 percent); and curated streaming music services such as Pandora or iTunes Radio (36 percent), Nielsen’s Music 360 survey found. […] 93 percent of the national population listens to music and spends more than 25 hours each week listening, making music their top form of entertainment, Nielsen said. Seventy-five percent of respondents said they actively chose to listen to music, exceeding the 73 percent who said they actively chose to watch TV. – Joseph Palenchar,TWICE Magazine
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