Police Seize Domain of Frombar Sports Streaming Site

The popular sports streaming ‘franchise’ SportLemon has lost Frombar.com, one of its main domain names, following a request from the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Whether the intervention will prove effective has yet to be seen, as the site is continuing its operations from various alternate domains. […] The sports streaming site is relatively popular, with well over a million visitors per month. For now, these visitors will have to find an alternative as the site currently displays a prominent police banner. “You have tried to access a website that is under criminal investigation by the UK: Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) This site is being investigated for online copyright infringement,” the banner reads. – Ernesto,TorrentFreak  
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1uJuK9y )

One comment

  • Can’t belive that another streaming site goes down. Looks like they are gonna shut down some site every month. Not sure where we will be watching sport streams next month. At least for now can find somethin at http://frombar.co/ but still hoping that sportlemon.com will be back soon.