Feds wonder: Is it time for Web TV?

The Federal Communications Commission has been eying some type of action on online television for years, and was likely spurred to take a fresh look at the issue after the Supreme Court’s decision on Aereo this June. […] It would reportedly give online video companies the same access to channels as traditional cable and satellite providers such as Comcast and DirecTV. It would also come with obligations, though, such as the requirement that they negotiate with and pay broadcast companies to retransmit their channels, as well as require that any subscription package includes broadcast channels on its cheapest level of service — just like cable companies. That would be a positive development, said John Bergmayer, the senior staff attorney at the consumer interest group Public Knowledge. “When you’re doing a really broad pro-competitive policy, it should be as technology-neutral as possible,” he told The Hill. “It would basically open up competition for consumers.” – Julian Hattem,The Hill Newspaper 
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