Tech Test: Gaming options for streaming devices a mixed bag

Amazon Fire TV and the Roku 3 both offer a multitude of games, alongside apps to stream video on the big television screen from services such as Netflix and Hulu. The game offerings — some free, some for a fee — are a mixed bag thus far, ranging from solid to silly. […] Because the Fire TV uses a version of Google’s Android system, you’re also getting a slew of casual games. Game developers, however, tweak their apps and make them available through Amazon’s app store, so you’re not getting everything available on Android phones. […] The Roku 3 device offers a ton of games, but they range from very good to downright awful. It leans heavily toward casual gaming, meaning puzzle and word games with an occasional faster action title thrown in. […] All of this makes Roku 3 at best a delivery system for casual games. Roku has only 86 games available and needs more heavy-hitter titles alongside “Angry Birds” to truly compete against the Fire TV’s 365 titles, or for that matter my Android smartphone. – Ron Harris,Associated Press via The Columbian
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