Why Are We Letting Critical Infrastructure Get Regulated By A Cartoon Industry?

We’re letting a cartoon industry regulate the internet – the single most important infrastructure we have, which builds growth, jobs, civil liberties, and all future entrepreneurship. Why hasn’t this been called out for its absurdity? […] This is not just figurative: we quite literally are. The Walt Disney Corporation has been instrumental in lobbying for limiting the utility of the net, taking leadership within the copyright industry at large. It’s no random chance that the latest copyright monopoly extension in the United States was called “The Mickey Mouse Copyright Extension Act”. The notion that the copyright industry’s distribution monopoly is somehow more important to society than the super-infrastructure we call the Internet is not just laughable; it’s absurd and bizarre. And yet, the latter is being limited to appease and safeguard the former, instead of the other way around. Of course, it’s easy to speak of the copyright industry as a cartoon industry in the figurative sense, too. It’s hard to find an industry that’s exaggerating its own importance more while failing at its core business more at the same time. – Rick Falkvinge,TorrentFreak
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