Looks like web TV is going to be as expensive as cable — unless you use an antenna

Dish’s internet TV service, which is likely going to be called Nutv, may not be that much cheaper — at least not if you want access to local channels as well. Dish is looking to offer broadcast channels like ABC and NBC for an extra fee on top of the basic subscription price, according to a Variety report. Breaking out broadcast channels as a separate tier could help Dish to still cater to price-conscious consumers willing to go the extra mile: The company may offer cable channels like Comedy Central as part of its streaming service, and ask consumers to instead get an antenna capable of receiving broadcast channels like NBC for free if they don’t want to pay extra for these local channels. Dish has already struck deals with Disney, A&E Network and Scripps Networks Interactive, and is reportedly targeting a monthly subscription fee of $30 or less. – Janko Roettgers,Gigaom
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