Comcast Apologizes For Customer’s Bad Service But Not For Role In Getting Him Fired

The story continues for [Conal O’Rourke] the Comcast customer who lost his job after the cable company called his employer (which happens to make a lot of money off consulting for Comcast) and provided details about his customer service complaints. Comcast’s new Mr. Fix-It has issued an apology for the year-plus of horrendous service and over-billing that Conal experienced, but still maintains that it didn’t mean to get him fired. […] It’s all well and good for Comcast to apologize publicly now that it’s been humiliated in the media (again), but what does [Charlie Herrin,Comcast] really mean when he writes “nobody at Comcast asked for him to be fired”? What else could Comcast — which has admitted contacting Conal’s employer, accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, following his complaint to the office of the Comcast Controller — expect would happen when it contacts an executive at a company that relies on Comcast for a nice chunk of its revenue and says “Hey PwC, one of your guys was really rude to our staffers”? – Chris Morran, 
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