Is ‘Star Wars’ Finally Coming To Streaming?

[I]t’s impossible to stream any of the Star Wars movies. Disney may own the rights to Star Wars now, and they may be forging full steam ahead on multiple new feature films set in a galaxy far, far away, but Fox still owns the video rights to Episodes I-VI. And rumor has it they don’t want to give that up. There have been rumors that Disney has been trying to finalize a deal with Fox so they can start repackaging and streaming the original movies in prelude to Episode VII‘s Christmas 2015 release, and those rumors might be true. Film Divider caught wind of an Italian Disney commercial that suggests that Star Wars is coming soon to Disney’s digital platforms. The advertisement is for the new site […] It seems that Star Wars will be available to stream very soon…in Italy. – Meghan O’Keefe,Decider  
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