Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) News Analysis: Netflix Still Not Bankrupt?

When Netflix, Inc. shares started to drop in 2011, the company became a target of critics who could not anticipate the changing consumer and market trends. Although Netflix made a comeback in 2012, bashing on the company’s high valuations continued. It was argued that the stock’s valuations will drop as competition in the industry intensifies and the company’s stock price crashes. Not only valuations, some went as far as predicting bankruptcy, while others thought it would become a takeover target for big media companies. […] However, Netflix’s stock has only gone up since then, rising over 560% since the mid of 2012. And the stock is up about 38.5% since we advised investors to buy it in January. Netflix has consistently proven critics wrong. The company has continued to drive growth through investments into original and exclusive content as well as expansion into international markets such as Europe. […] Growth in the online streaming industry is no more about being bigger; it is about building a strong connection with the youth and innovating constantly with content. With shows such as “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “Hemlock Grove,” Netflix seems to have caught on to changing tastes. – Bob Cramer,Bidness Etc 
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