Comcast vs. Netflix: Can the Streaming Service Block the Time Warner Cable Deal?

Netflix has filed a Petition to Deny with the FCC in opposition of the merger. In the document, Netflix makes it very clear that it feels the merger represents a threat to the way the Internet works currently, saying that the merged company would “turn a consumer’s Internet experience into something that more closely resembles cable television.” […] Not surprisingly, Comcast and by extension Time Warner Cable have a different take on the proposed merger and have argued that it will be good for consumers. The company formally responded to the FCC and posted a statement on its website that makes it clear that it thinks Netflix is only acting to better its business […] The proposed merger would give Time Warner major leverage over Netflix and that should be addressed, but it’s hard to see how the merger hurts consumers any more than having to deal with one of the two individually does already. The FCC needs to, and likely will, take steps to ensure that consumers will have acceptable access to streaming services, or at least the same access they did pre-merger, but other than that the deal will likely be approved. – Daniel Kline,The Motley Fool
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