Popcorn Time Stops Working After Domain Suspension

One of the most-used Popcorn Time forks has lost control of its domain name. Time4popcorn.eu was suspended by the EURid registry this afternoon and as a result millions of users can no longer use the application. The developers have already relocated to a new domain and hope to resolve the issue quickly. […] As a result Popcorn Time’s website is no longer loading. However, what’s even worse for those who use the fork is that the application itself also stopped working as it requires the domain to load the user interface. The developers quickly switched the site over to time4popcorn.com, but it will take some time to update the application. […] The issues with EURid show that the domain name is a weak link. This is problematic, especially for an application that claims it “will never be taken down.” The developers realize this and are working to resolve the vulnerability. – Ernesto,TorrentFreak
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1sj3tdr )