U.S. TV networks may abandon unbundled Canadian cable for online

Some major U.S. television networks say they’ll pull out of Canada or consider streaming all their content online if a proposal to unbundle Canadian cable packages and let customers pay for a few select channels goes ahead. The comments by some of America’s biggest television networks were made during Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) hearings earlier this month. […] It sounds like an appealing prospect to some consumers, but U.S. television networks that make some of the most popular television shows in Canada say if it comes to pass, they might just bypass Canada’s airwaves altogether. […] It’s an option U.S. networks are keenly aware of. “Non-Canadian programming services have an array of options for moving their content to OTT domains,” [Laura Van Soelen,Gowlings] said. “In addition to partnering with Netflix, each could create its own [or] they could collectively create a new [service] making the broadcast system the second or some later window for programming content.” – Pete Evans,CBC News
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