The dark side of livestreaming entertainment

Around 10pm Sunday night, Alexander Wachs was playing a computer game in his Plainfield, Ill. home. A popular streamer on Twitch, where he’s better known as Whiteboy7thst […] In the middle of playing through DayZ, the post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, Wachs tells his viewers to “give me a second here.” Then his screen suddenly freezes. When the feed resumes, Wachs is gone. […] Minutes earlier, a hoaxster—we have no idea who—tipped police to something illegal going on at Wachs’ address. It was most likely a bomb threat, though specific details on the incident are scant. Wachs had just fallen victim to a “swatting” prank. And unlike a lot of other recent victims, he ended up paying for it. While digging around the apartment, police found Wachs’ personal stash of 30-500 grams of pot. They promptly arrested him. – Richard Lewis,The Daily Dot 
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